Elise Sarton


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Anesthesiologist & Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology 

About her work:

Elise has been Chair of the Academic Anesthesia department since 2021 and contributes to all 3 main academic tasks of the hospital: patient care, education and research.

As the first female academic chair in the Netherlands, she is highly motivated to set a strong example to her female colleagues and trainees.

Giving authentic leadership and creating opportunities for personal and professional development for her staff and trainees are Elise's main goals, as she believes that their success will lead to excellent patient care, attractive education programs and new research questions.

Recent Achievements:

In 2022 Elise became the Chair of Division Board 1 of the Leiden University Medical Center, and took charge of 14 medical departments.

In November 2023 Elise became a full professor in Anesthesiology.

Inspirational Statement:

Don’t try to listen, just listen.

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