Rowena Atkins



London, England


Founder & CEO, Song Academy

About her work:

Founded 12 years ago, Song Academy is the leading platform that helps young people to express themselves powerfully, find their voice and be heard. 

Young people are growing up in a competitive, fast changing & potentially isolating environment, which can cause various pressures and lead to issues with their mental health. Through songwriting young people can communicate their thoughts and feelings and connect to others.

This creative and therapeutic process helps young people discover & develop their identity, overcome challenges, feel empowered by speaking up and advance their creative and social skills.

In this age of technology and social media, generation Z may feel their voice isn’t getting heard. They want to speak up about issues that affect them and the songs they write have the potential to spark debate and shape their future at school and beyond.  

Rowena has developed unique songwriting programmes and the annual international Young Songwriter competition to inspire, celebrate individuality and build the self-esteem of young people at a formative time in their life.

Recent Achievement:

The release of Song Academy’s 3rd single, titled ‘Express Yourself’ with proceeds donated to the UK charity Young Minds.

Inspirational Statement:

Express Yourself!

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